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SNOW DRIFTS in The Bubble

true loving
true loving

yeah, I pretty much hate Christmas. New Years. Halloween. Easter. pretty much.

The Vast Landscape – excerpt SNOW DRIFTS

“They pull into the parking lot, awkward silence ping- pongs off the car doors. Harry’s face winces for a nano- second, quickly readjusting her posture. She doesn’t want her mother to see her contempt. Mother and daughter, one Christmas Eve long ago, walk into a deserted hospital, and the menacing halls, heading straight for the elevator. Harry’s mom carries bags of cookies for the nurses, and wrapped, paperback novels. They exit the elevator, the doors to the unit are locked. Harry pushes the buzzer numerous times, mostly to piss off the fat, lazy nurses. Smart-ass, she knows the drill. Harry’s mother swats her hand impatiently. Harrison knows she’s gone too far, glances at her mom. She seems smaller, shorter somehow. The pathetic, despicable psyche ward, decorated with red and green streamers, looks like a four year old threw it together. Cut out snowflakes, made by patients during arts and crafts therapy taped to the windows.”

read on in the Bubble. Love me some Bublish.

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