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Call Me Crazy or Call Me a TEN

A friend mentioned my author feature and The Vast Landscape article made the CITIZEN’S Top-Ten most-read feature stories of 2014. After a particularly, challenging shiteous week with my precarious mental health the news was well, friggin’ awesome. I am in excellent company. While I have not been my ‘model’ self for some time, I managed to write and self-publish a top-ten book. Thank you, Carrie Chantler for the lovely, articulate feature and thank you to my hometown for welcoming me back without googly eyes and judgement.

I will keep speaking out, working hard, using my voice and well, pushing boundaries.

Georgia Pine’s release, the sequel to The Vast Landscape is weeks away.

I rise to the challenge, or crawl however I get there.

Never. Quit. Your. Dreams.

Modify when necessary. 


The Citizen’s top 10 most-read feature stories of 2014: Jenna Hinman, Tinkers Guild, Prison City Pub & Brewery and more

December 23, 2014
The Citizen’s most-read feature stories of 2014 include our introduction to Jenna Hinman’s story, memories of Tinkers Guild shortly after it burned down, a visit to the Northeast Naturist Festival in Summerhill and more!

Author Feature The Citizen
The Citizen Top-Ten

10 of 10

“After 17-year detour into modeling career, Auburn native finishes her first novel.”

FULL LINK:–year-detour-into-modeling-career-auburn-native-finishes/article_853a739d-a5f2-5910-a074-87a0c4cec5e1.html



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