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"Jacqueline Cioffa has answered your call with her new novel, "Georgia Pine"."

“Georgia Pine” Book Signing with Jacqueline Cioffa  3 / 28 / 15

“For those of you who fell in love with Harry in “The Vast Landscape” and wanted the saga to continue, Jacqueline Cioffa has answered your call with her new novel, “Georgia Pine”. Amazon review


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“Thank you to everyone who came out today. I’m touched by the overwhelming support.

Without you the reader, the words become yellow parchment paper gathering dust in some attic.”

– Jacqueline Cioffa

Never Quit Your Dreams

“JC delivers again. Spectacular, I could picture myself @ The Cove – and I’m not sure New Orleans will ever be the same for me.. Thanks Jackie for sharing your brilliant mind with us again – and I’m holding out hope for another…” Amazon review


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  1. Joy Joy

    Jackie, thank you so much for signing those books my mother brought with her for my friends. She was so delighted to meet you and we are thrilled that your talent is available to the whole world now. You have come a long way from English class and The Mind’s Eye staff! I want to be there next time you hold an event like this! Your books rock! 🙂

    • Your mother is so sweet. It was awesome seeing her and a wonderful surprise! OMGOSH, The Mind’s Eye. I loved that class, first intro. into creative writing. My mom has an edition somewhere. We were so cool. Ha. I’m waiting on you to rediscover your passion! Big things for you, too. LOL

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