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Never Judge a Book

Never Judge a Book

By Jacqueline Cioffa


Here’s the thing about writing.

When someone risks pencil to paper and is fortunate enough to convey an emotion about the unique way they view the world well that’s art, magic and creative expression.
I am not a brand.

God, I hate that word.

Although, I have been.

Modeling, acting and all the various exhausting pretend faces I’ve worn just to fit in.

I have gifted away most of my words and that is life as it should be. The day I become calculated, contrived, or worried about how many books I’ve sold, or how filthy rich I am, or if the comma is misplaced, or if you like and hate the person more than the page will be the day the words no longer belong to me.

Funny, I was a rich model once and that means very little if next to nothing today.

Except for a whole bunch of potential storytelling catalogued in the brain.
Write because you love it, you can’t breathe without it, and because the words don’t require a two-way mirror.

Only contemplation, beautiful sunshine redemption, and bounce back reflection.

Never, ever judge a book by its cover.

Crack the spine and see for yourself.


I am writing

For the love of possibility behind the broken glass.




  1. Stephanie Ortez Stephanie Ortez

    Thank you Jackie, for reminding me the true purpose of writing. It’s easy to get lost in contradictions on why we write, is our content any good? am I following the rules of grammar? etc… not that is irrelevant, but we can lose contact with that place of inspiration and creativity. You write from your heart and soul, Jackie. What a wonderful reflection you have given us.

    • jackiecioffa jackiecioffa

      Thank you, Stephanie.
      I get caught up in the financial woes & insecurities… am I good enough blah blah blah trap too.
      Why aren’t my books selling? There are so many logical reasons to quit.
      That’s when I check myself, and remember why I am writing.
      We’re only human, right?

      love your words, always

    • jackiecioffa jackiecioffa

      Thank you, Dori Owens. <3 love to you, my Haiku, funny, whip smart Twitter queen goddess...

    • Ya learn soemhting new everyday. It’s true I guess!

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