Against The Current

There comes a point in life when you must accept the reality and the gift that is the passage of time.
While I know in my heart, our time grows shorter and shorter I can’t help but be bitchy, mean, selfish and lose my patience daily.
I have not been the easiest child.
The woman who birthed me has been a mother since she could walk, and always has my back even as hers continues to shrink in size but never stature.
If you’re lucky enough to grow up as you grow old, there are many vital lessons to be earned.
Humility, integrity, kindness, strength, how to find the micro-moments of joy, and how to let go of the pain and anxiety for a little while.
I am not a mother, but I understand better now the role of matriarch. And it’s a doozy.
Life is hard, brutal and no one escapes tragedy.
Some of us learn to carry it better, stronger and with a healthy dose of humor.
I’m not that strong, or that good but I hope a little bit of her backbone remains fused to mine.
We are after all strong swimmers, and she taught me how to stay afloat.

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