THE SHAPE OF US Cover Reveal by Jacqueline Cioffa




“A collection of poems and essays celebrating all the glorious, gorgeous, empowered sisters of my soul. The survivors, rebels, outcasts, lightning rods, and quiet heroines. For the tough as nails warrior women, I have adored, aspired, and admired. You have made me feel worthy of the sweet, soft miracle it is to be born a girl, in these fast and loud, masculine modern times.”

An excerpt:

bad bitches

Wouldn’t it be lovely if kindness, loyalty, and showers of affection were the norm and everyday reality?
Wouldn’t it be cool to be female without an edge?
Wouldn’t it be nice to let your guard down?
Security lives in the company of my shadow.
My twenty pound, smiling, wag tailing, tongue licking, furball companion.
Lupita lovely teaches me patience, confidence, and authenticity.
A refreshing kind of love that is pure and uncomplicated.
For one glorious moment I forget, all the exhausting, ugly, insecure woman parts.
With her, I’m free to be me.
On the walk.
In sweats, no makeup and sneaks, I’m relaxed and at ease.
I don’t care how I look on the outside, and neither does she.

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