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Alive After Death

Do not leave flowers by my grave

Hell, I won’t be there
I’ll be pink petals falling come Spring
When I have gone do not shed one tear
I’ll be doing backflips on the wind
Do not think of me too often
 Without a giggle and glimmer of something familiar like happiness
Do not worry or fret or anguish about my death
I won’t give it a second thought
Love me now and blow a kiss towards the heavens
I will be way too busy swinging on a crescent moon and serenading the sun
Do not cry or worry or miss my earthly presence
It was a blip in time and no gravestone gravel or brittle bones can bind me 
If you must feel something like sorrow or loss or grief 
Do carry it lightly, softly, and fondly
Until we’re light as the air flying together
Or swimming under the warm turquoise waters with sea turtles and rainbow fish abound
Doing somersaults in utero is the most divine place to be
When I die do not stand at my grave, shoulders heaving and heavy
Do not wallow
I certainly won’t be waiting, hanging out underground in an airtight box
No, sir, no sirree
I’ll be wild and free and weightless
And serene and happy and dead
But I’ll be happy
Because I lived
And, it was a good life
Despite the crap
No, it was a pretty great one
The earth looks so pretty from the stratosphere 
I’m telling you now so you won’t be burdened later
Death doesn’t scare me
So don’t cry when I’m gone 
Live and love, loudly and off-key
I’ll visit sometime in the early morning hours
While you’re fast asleep
Inside your dreams
Dying a little less 
Alive after death



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