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Kamala Harris & Company Women Who Shape Us

Madame Vice President-Elect, 
we rejoice in your victory with pride and joy and song and adoration. 

All women celebrating, a kaleidoscope of color coming together for a better way of life. 
We remember the broad shoulders of the fearless lady freedom fighters who fought for our civil rights. 
100 years, is a long time coming, and a long hard fight. 
One behind one, behind one, behind another chipping away. 

It’s about damn time. 

Without the bold and audacious ones, there would be no you, or me. 
Little girls with big dreams grew into a whole lot of possibility. 


An Ode To Women Who Shape Us

She won’t hesitate to call out a bully, misanthrope, or liar
She will stand tall, pull her shoulders back while sobbing, heaving hysterical for the plight of another
She’ll dance crazed and belt out a tune just to hear the stereo beat and guitar riffs and drum solo
She will love a man or a woman on a whim from a sweet smile and soft whispers
She’s unafraid to get broken
Her brokenness owned by the cracks she boldly dared step upon 
Chin held high towards the sun
Shattering the glass ceiling 
Pride, she’ll swallow it every time for a cause
And a saving grace melody 

She is all woman, every woman, black, brown, LGBTQ, immigrant, unapologetic 
And one of a kind

She’s not only a feminist; she’s the VP of the 21st Century 
Calm and cool in every situation 
Confident and in charge
She’s a humanist, a leader who happens to be a girl
She’s right now, held high by the mothers, sisters, wives, activists, lawyers, educators, artists, immigrants, BFFs, and OG survivors who fought for their rights, and their lives
Women who shape us
Are the bright future
The most beautiful and precious commodity alive

The Shape of Us 
Jacqueline Cioffa



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