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Temporary Housing

Why now, why us?
I hear that a lot.
Why not?
I do not feel sorry for myself.
I lost that luxury a long time ago.
I feel the deep sense of sorrow and grief vibrating under my feet.
This is not the time to be complacent or selfish or stupid.
Sadness is everywhere, it’s dark, it’s loud and unrelenting.
Best not to ignore it, or you’ll miss the important stuff.
The star stuff, the light lessons.
All the people you’ve touched, and the ones who helped you.
Why now, why me…
Why not?
This place, this earth, this life
Is not ours, it’s temporary housing.
Seek out the good, fill your days with quiet purpose.
Joy lives inside your heart readily accessible, with all the people and places you have loved too.
It is forever yours to carry.
Yours, and mine too.
We are here now, and our footprints have deep roots and infinite wings.
Best to dig in, and let go.
Why not
Try something different.

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