When Dreaming of a Beach…

…one must be more specific There is beauty in ice sculptures, black leaves, sand granules and zebra mussel shells Someone carved a number into the willow 251 I wonder what it meant and how long it’s become piece of the bark Are they dead and buried, the secret etched inside the tree’s history? I cannot say 251 I had not seen before The biting winter air keeps me alert, alive noticing the minute details I

#ICan'tBreathe. Apologies. Opinion. From A Cop's Daughter.

I am not going to talk politics, racism, society or even equality. One, because I do not hold a master’s in Political Science, History or Criminal Justice. I’m not even going to presume I know how to ‘fix’ this country or how far we have gone off track. I’m going to stick with emotion, respect, courtesy, honor and humility. The morally conscience way in which I was brought up. My father

Reading is SEXY

Because reading is smart. Smart is beautiful. Beautiful is SEXY. The Vast Landscape is soul stirring, emotional, authentic, raw truth in a moment of chaos when the whole world could use, something beautiful. Faith. Strength. Love. Hope. Fine Lit., Not Chick Lit. Amazon Readers ***** “A glimpse inside the intimate, very personal view of a world. ” Colleague| 5 reviewers made a similar statement “Filled with raw emotion..a page turner from

Karmic Cleanse

I’m uncomfortable with pr, marketing all things that come with ‘self-promotion’. It makes me squeamish on a cellular level. I do it anyway, in spite of insecurities. Because quite simply, if something is honest and important, no one understands better than you. Especially when you are working with zero budget. I set the mood, cleanse the air, send out select, positive emails, and karmic vibrations. Practicing the art of Zen living.

Embers and Ash

I wrote EMBERS AND ASH some years ago, or so. I don’t remember the precise day, I remember the unhappy circumstance. I needed to come home. I was unwell. Truth, I was out of my fucking mind and the only person I wanted, needed and trusted was the one who birthed me. Her ferocious, constant, capable mother-love was the only thing that was not spinning out of control. The one I