"This story was quite the ride it was raw and full of emotions, doubts, mistrusts, fame, love and it was like following a train wreck as it goes down the track." Reader Review

what a ride…. 4 stars Amazon “This story was quite the ride it was raw and full of emotions, doubts, mistrusts, fame, love and it was like following a train wreck as it goes down the track. Harrison the female lead character, in this story refers to herself in the 3rd person throughout the book, which I do not see often. I would say it is not the type of

"Model turns international experiences into fiction"

“The Vast Landscape” in the news! Thank you, Nicki Gorny and syracuse.com for supporting indie authors, local bookstores, CNY and the totally awesome feature. Exciting, humbling piece and a great place to grow up. “Once I freed it up to be fiction,” she said, “Harrison could go anywhere. I had a larger canvas for her to stomp on.” – Nicki Gorny FULL LINK: http://www.syracuse.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2015/01/model_turns_international_experiences_into_fiction_central_new_york_books_and_au.html http://downtownbooksandcoffee.com

Ride the Wave

Today I deserve bragging rights. Holla. If I didn’t lose my mind, I would not see and feel the things I feel and see. I would not be the creative, far out juicy parts. I would not live Harrison’s journey so vividly. I would not understand under my skin Georgia Pine’s fierce loyalty, the maddening stunning qualities that make her vulnerable and painfully human. One of us. Georgia Pine the book

For the Love of a Ginger

“Redheads always see each other. They’re very few of us.”–Julianne Moore Tres true. The subtle glance, nod across the street at a fellow ginger. The exclusive tribe, band of fire starter sisters. Reds are dynamic, rare, adventurous, bubbly, mysterious and cool. Never met a ginger, crimson or dirty red I didn’t love.

Rack 'em Up

My dad was an excellent hustler. He excelled at getting you to buy random crap you didn’t need, before you even opened your mouth. He taught me how to play pool when I was five. Unfortunately, that skill did not stick. I do love a risk, and will take just about any dare. Hasty to act, without weighing the odds. Falling flat on my face, breaking bones, plunging into fifty degree water for the hell

Call Me Crazy or Call Me a TEN

A friend mentioned my author feature and The Vast Landscape article made the CITIZEN’S Top-Ten most-read feature stories of 2014. After a particularly, challenging shiteous week with my precarious mental health the news was well, friggin’ awesome. I am in excellent company. While I have not been my ‘model’ self for some time, I managed to write and self-publish a top-ten book. Thank you, Carrie Chantler for the lovely, articulate feature and thank you

Seashore Dwellings and Frayed Twine

We are all like it or not, intertwined. The way the stories breeze through my mind, much like the people I have loved and let go. As I watch helpless, I cringe at the chaos that surrounds. These are dangerous times we live in. To love, dream, practice uncomfortable kindness. To choose hope. I leave this place with tales spun from grass and held together by frayed twine. Living is scary. Not