Indelible characters worthy of the big screen -GEORGIA PINE

5.0 out of 5 stars GEORGIA PINE by Jacqueline Cioffa GEORGIA PINE (Kindle Edition) “An amazing read. The author weaves tragedy, love, family, suspense and disappointment into an amazing story. I have not read The Vast Landscape yet but after this, I know I’ll be adding it to my list of must read books. This is great fictional account of a tortured soul in the form of a fast-paced story painted

Waves of Insecurity by guest author J.C. Hannigan

I’m over the moon to have J.C. Hannigan here as guest author. I have much respect for the intelligent, gifted, smart as a whip woman, author, mother, wife, colleague and friend… She is efficient, funny and the first to extend a hand to a fellow writer. That speaks volumes about her persona, her willingness to help while managing a chaotic busy life, various blogs and successful writing career. I bet J.C. makes ridiculously

Hunting Season

If I make it to the lake maybe the twenty ton meteor I’m dragging might feel less like a load. Jacket, gloves, hat, boots, dog, collar, leash. It feels like a sepia tone, monotone, monotonous chore. Four scrappy, grungy, mean looking dudes (straight out of a redneck murder flick set in absolutely NOwhere) dressed in FULL hunting gear stand by the water’s edge cocking rifles. RIFLES, a friggin’ case full of them. Is that even legal? The bridge clearly