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And the Stars Align

Georgia Pine
Georgia Pine

When a milestone comes, embrace it. Do the happy dance, you deserve it.

Whenever you push beyond the comfort zone no matter how scratchy, ridiculously uncomfortable it is.

You win.

I push the limits of my broken mind on the hour. There is no slacking, no self-pity. There is only survival.

The writing saves me, the daily dose of oxygen replenishing the brain.

Every single day writing is the respite from the invisible, discouraging, terrifying, unforeseeable challenges I face.

Every single day, I push hard.

I am rigorous, disciplined and relentless with my mental health.

Self-Publishing a book is like, yeah right, no way you can’t do it. It’s Calculus to me and I flunked Algebra.

A book, not in a million years. I can’t. It’s too hard, all the screaming voices of self-doubt polluting my head.

Yeah, I am light years and galaxies out of my comfort zone.

I push myself, harder than anyone else. I set impossible limits.

Today, my illness does not win.

I do.

Milestone days, take them and embrace the joy. Hold on tight.

They fortify and strengthen your reserve to carry on.

I tried my best.

I was not alone on my journey. There will be many to thank who cheer me on.

This milestone, for one quiet minute is all mine.

The book of Georgia Pine is here.

My gift from the stars, sun and sky to you.


the prequel to Georgia Pine

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