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Catch and Release

A label cannot define the sublime essence of you
It means little if not nothing when you’re navigating the unique journey exclusive to you 
Sensitive sweet smart kind inquisitive
Those are not labels but words with depth and meaning 
All the ways you’re seen thus far
Youth is a magical mystical time and a strange place to find your footing
Please don’t believe the world is so shallow so small it can define you
But it will try
Because that’s what ordinary humans do
For centuries and beyond the confines of earth’s dirt and celestial ceilings have been the dream and solid footing 
We look up to the stars in the evening sky and walk through grasses tickling our feet
To find meaning and purpose 
Those are labels I can hold on to
Pretty things and people full of beauty and heart 
Love sets us apart 
Our capacity to grow and stretch and understand all the things that make humans different
Labels can be worn like badges of honor
Dignified is one of my favorites 
Words will bring you comfort and teach you new things throughout life 
About art and discovery 
Sexuality and technology and innovation and sadness too
We are identified and classified by the amount of space we gift to others
Lovers friends family and foes
My wish for you is that your journey be filled with labels you adore
Because in the end 
The only label that matters 
Is the spirit kind 
And the willingness to walk tall 
with pride and understanding 
We’re all the same and so very different 
Ordinary extraordinary people just tripping and stumbling along 
That’s the funny thing about life
We get to experience the rights and the wrongs




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