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Shining a Light on Mental Health by guest speaker Jacqueline Cioffa

It was a great day for wellness, books, essential oils, healthy lifestyles, fitness, and mental health awareness with wonderful speakers, vendors and healers at the Equal Rights Heritage Center’s Winter Wellness Fair.

An excerpt:

“Writing had always a tool I used since birth to cope, express and observe. To have a voice. To be heard. Through words, I slowly discovered I was not alone with an invisible illness. The more I opened up, the more people started sharing their stories with me. The truth is a beautiful and freeing faucet, it flows effortlessly when turned on. 

I decided to take my power back and to help.  

I read, researched, and educated myself. I walked until walking turn into cardio, and yoga. 

I drastically changed my diet, no carbs, no sugar, no gluten. I began researching alternative medicine, the leaky gut-brain inflammation connection. I take probiotics. I exercise. I use essential oils. I became ultra-disciplined and hyper-aware to survive. I am med compliant. I challenge the psychiatrists, always searching for innovative, out of the box treatments to compliment the psyche meds. 

I became my best advocate. 

I wrote a dark and honest memoir, The Red Bench, about my struggles with bipolar, and my journey towards hope so that I and others like me would feel less alone.”

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