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Faded Glory

There are a few things I know now by trial and error, when attention comes your way embrace it. Be brave enough to embrace and enjoy five minutes of some kind of fucked up fame, to be seen through the camera lens even while it steals a piece of your vulnerable heart and sacred soul. It’s okay to try on different versions, experimenting behind platinum blond and a fuck you, this is me attitude. Don’t be ashamed or sad when the flash bulbs find a more interesting or louder subject. Be glad that you put yourself out there at all. But, know when it’s time for introspection and more purposeful things, when your face/ body/ hair mean little or next to nothing. Know when what you have to say means so much more. Know that when you’re playing a part, the chameleon must shed it’s skin to begin again. Wait, and then release yourself from judgement and fear until you can sit comfortably alone. Safe and happy inside a body that is strong and healthy, and a heart that seeks kindness instead of accolades. It might take a long, long, long while to really find the you you’re looking for. She’s (he’s) out there, no longer hiding or locked up. Don’t wait twenty years or fifty, or eighty more, to be OK with the unique body, hair and face that you are. Don’t starve yourself, or hide inside oversized sweats. Don’t worry about the next it girl or boy, because their day passes too. Time does not stay stuck, we must change and grow to get unstuck. We’re shape-shifters passing through, images fading, forgotten photographs. Who you reach out and touch with your best intentions and pure heart matters. The sparkles of human dust kindness you leave behind for a child to discover in the dirt are the bursts of sunshine and sparkling black diamond dust you leave behind. Falling through tiny fingers as wonder and deja vu forms a knowing smile on their tender lips. They know intrinsically, soulfully and mindfully that you were here. Don’t ask me how, they just do. Feelings cannot be captured on film, life is multi-layered.



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