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A Space To Grow

I see how the majority lives.

Kids dying in the streets, devastation runs amok, earth’s temperatures off-key, disaster abounds, the homeless discarded, the invisible caged, wailing migrants.

I don’t want to be part of the blind percent.

I’m awake with a heavy heart.

Maybe I should take a happy pill, or drink the cool aid and blur the ugly vision.

I will not.

I refuse to sugar coat the words so that you might feel better.

I’m going to walk hard, bear the burden, work the physical, clear the head, speak hard truths and take stock.

I’m going to walk honest and erect with purpose, drifting off to the edge from time to time.

No one gets a pity pass or escapes tragedy.

Let me bleed, let me scream injustice, let me cry loud love whenever needed.

And then, when I’ve collected my thoughts and quiet strength, let me fight on and carry the heavy burden for the ones who cannot.

Giving thanks to all the people and places I have loved, and especially the ones I have not.



  1. Wow. Really moving, Jackie. And what great timing.

    • jackiecioffa jackiecioffa

      Thank you so much, Jeanne. Happy Thanksgiving!

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