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Shadow Love

Behind every face, there is a story of despair and of strength.
Behind every face, there is a tear of joy, and regret.
Behind every face, there are dark caverns of shame, desperately seeking out the light.
To wash over the pain, to wash over the fear, and to wash away the doubt and dramedy that fill the day.
Twenty-four hours does not seem like enough time to cleanse, renew, and release the dirty business of living.
It does not seem like enough time to properly moisturize and ready yourself.
Here’s my dilemma with time, I have enough of it.
Too much some might say.
Everyone around me is stressed, running around, making lists and complaining how busy they are, there’s not enough time.
It’s the half moon pie dilemma, nothing is black, nothing is white.
Why the fuck are we all trying to outrun the clock with stupid shit that won’t matter in five years, even five days?
People are dying senseless deaths, meaningless murders while praising in the house of their faith. Using their time wisely, by giving thanks.
Dark days and hate follow them inside their place of worship, a sanctuary of light.
Lean on me, I don’t care if we don’t share the same faith, or skin color, or sexual preference.
I really don’t and won’t waste my time worrying about how different we are.
I will share your tears, feed your sorrow.
I will come out from behind the shadow, and give you some of my abundant hours.
I will give you some of my time so that you might begin again.
To breathe, and to mend.
The darkness in me can wait.
We have run out of time to remember how childhood felt happy and safe.
Tomorrow will come, and we will start to forget the minutes before a life was stolen, as the golden hours slowly fade.
To die with a peaceful heart and smile, that is heaven.
To live a life of faith, of purpose, of pure heart, that is grace.
This face is not the prettiest thing about me.
The most precious gift of a face is the ability to forever reach towards the sun, in spite of one’s tragic fate.
To be reminded that hate does not dwell in your house of worship.
It can only visit by mistake, but it cannot stay.
Shadow love says we’re all different, time says we’re all the same.



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