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The Lithium Chronicles: Volume One by Nicole Lyons’ Advance Review

The Lithium Chronicles: Volume One by Nicole Lyons – Advance Review, Jacqueline Cioffa

I was truly honored and moved to receive an advance copy of Nicole Lyons’ forthcoming book, THE LITHIUM CHRONICLES with Indie Blue Publishing (Spring 2019). The powerful voice, incredible woman and fierce advocate are a gift to the written word and humanity.

“Nicole Lyons is one of the most exciting, vital poets of our generation.
THE LITHIUM CHRONICLES is her most ambitious and brazen work to date, and she delivers above and beyond. Nicole’s ability to delve deep into the human psyche, unapologetic, is her gift to the world. Penning a full range of raw, honest, rage and brutal emotion in six lines is her mastery and magic.

MY DAYS ARE NUMBERED paints an almost pretty picture of life colored by mental illness wrapped inside her exquisite prose, “I’m always packing a rainbow wherever I go.”

Nicole Lyons poetry and prose are wholly relatable, taking us deep inside the heart, and the human condition. Unafraid to bare her soul, she shares her struggles skillfully crafted with every line, giving the reader permission to take a glimpse into their own. Her readers are sensitive and smart, and Lyons understands this. JUST YOU WAIT says it all, “Be patient, pretty little tragic one, the real suffering has not yet begun.”

THE LITHIUM CHRONICLES is a triumphant, thrilling, ambitious, painful, and vital work that delves headfirst into mental illness, life, loss, and ultimately the power of love.” – Jacqueline Cioffa, Mental Health Advocate and bestselling author of THE RED BENCHTHE VAST LANDSCAPE, and GEORGIA PINE

To discover Nicole’s celebrated poetry, advocacy and impressive body of work visit her website.

Follow her on Instagram, and Facebook.



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