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Women Who March

I was thrilled to be a guest author at the NYS Equal Rights Heritage Center Feminist Marketplace Opening Ceremony for Women March in Seneca Falls. Gifting my books about strong female characters, and celebrating my forthcoming Poetry book, The Shape of Us, Select Poems and Essays dedicated to women was a privilege. It was an honor to join forces with so many creative, artistic, socially conscious, groovy, and empathetic like-minded feminists.

Women March in Seneca Falls is an inclusive, non-partisan group dedicated to providing opportunities to publicly demonstrate the strength, power, and courage of women in America. It is committed to protecting and enhancing rights belonging to women through awareness and fund raising, meaningful collaborations, and community education in Seneca Falls, New York, US birthplace of women’s rights, and throughout New York state.

“We’ve chosen the path to equality; don’t let them turn us around.”
-Geraldine Ferraro



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