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I never thought I would be diagnosed with a serious mental illness, not in my worst nightmares or wildest dreams. I never thought I would write a book about my struggle, and I certainly never thought so many people would be so gracious, receptive, kind, and willing to help. I never thought I would live another year, let alone be walking into another new decade. Life is hard, we all struggle to be seen, heard, and some of us to survive. So if you’re out there, and you’re having a hard time, know that as cliché as it might sound you’re here for a reason. You are important, you’re needed by someone, by me. I may not be wealthy, or famous, and I certainly don’t have one million followers. If you’ve stopped by page to say hello, or check-in your support means the world. I will keep sharing with the hope my words reach someone who needs to hear them. To save a life is the most important thing I could do. I have a mental illness, but to the ones who love and support me, I’m just Jackie. My watchword for 2020 is truth and owning it, wherever it takes me I will follow. I’ll be scared sometimes, but I’ll push myself, my anxiety, my mania, my depression, and my forever lightning speed changing moods. I’ll step outside the comfort zone to be kind to a stranger or someone who is my polar opposite. Because there truly is no other quite like you. We’re all worthy, and I have been so lucky in 2019, in spite of the challenges I’ve endured. I’m just a girl, with a brain disease and a beautiful mind. We all go a little crazy from time to time.



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