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Available Now The Shape of Us by Jacqueline Cioffa

“Beauty lies in truth, hardcore, from the depths of the soul. Jacqueline Cioffa’ takes us there, brave, raw & unfiltered.” Sandra Bernhard

Now available! The Shape of Us by Jacqueline Cioffa already a bestseller in Women’s Poetry on Amazon



Advanced Praise:

“Jacqueline Cioffa has bestowed upon women a gift that is for each stage of their lives. The Shape of Us is for the mothers with daughters as well as daughters with mothers—a complicated relationship fraught with intertwined expectations that can never be fulfilled no matter how much they are hoped for. Cioffa’s poetry is for the images in our mirrors that don’t match up to the societal expectations that have impregnated themselves in our self-worth, bearing the fruit of self-loathing. There are presents for the strong women who know what it means to be afraid of love because they’ve never known it to be kind. The Shape of Us is meant for the survivors, all of us who have secreted away dark memories that we won’t allow to define our lives.

Yes, The Shape of Us is a gift, though Cioffa reminds her readers that they “are the happy accidental gift, dying since way before birth” (Gravity). And isn’t a miracle that all of us are so alive? In all of our shapes and stages, we are women to be celebrated, and Cioffa’s poetry and prose accomplishes this.”- C. Streetlights, Black Sheep, Rising, Author

“A call to arms for women of all ages, author Jacqueline Cioffa has sheathed the collective force of the divine feminine. Her transcendent poetry collection “The Shape of Us” gracefully carries the reader through the valley of despair to the peak of triumph. Offering the wounded a voice, encouraging the tentative with conviction, Cioffa’s medley from the heart is victorious in its rendering. A must-read for generations to come, “The Shape of Us,” arouses the spirit of survival, it is a tribal war cry. Being a woman, celebrated for our multi-facets as Cioffa extolls never felt so good. Bravo!” – Julie Anderson, Supermodel, Founder of Feminine Collective, Love Notes From Humanity, Raw and Unfiltered anthologies, Secrets and Lies, Author

“The moment I finished reading the Shape of Us, I felt a tremendous sense of gratitude to Jackie Cioffa for gifting us with this stunning work of literary art. An exquisite experience causing gorgeous tears to roll down my cheeks intermingled with smiles and nods of agreement. The Shape of Us is for everyone. Jackie speaks to the beauty, wonder, magic, trials and challenges of being a woman but also speaks to the human journey which is represented on the pages offering men a better understanding of the female experience…the inner and outer struggles. Joy and sadness. Love and loss. Beauty and ugliness. Motherhood and sisterhood. I will read this beautiful book again and again. It will be a gift to all the women in my life who have touched me in some way and an offering of love to those who need a place to go to reconnect with their inner warrior goddess.

Cioffa dares to once again share the magic and majesty of her words. To paint a picture on the page that can only be seen in the mind of the reader…their own personal journey inspired through her poetic expression.” – Amalia Natalio, Founder of KarmicKindness & The Sacred Sisterhood Movement 

“As a fellow columnist on Feminine Collective, I have long admired the poetry, fiction, and inspiring work written by Jacqueline Cioffa. Her column, Bleeding Ink, is a compelling read traveling from poetry and prose to narrative essays offering original observations on the human condition. Cioffa wrote two engrossing fiction books inThe Vast Landscape and Georgia Pine saga. I fell in love with her relatable protagonist Harrison who bore semi-autobiographical traits of the author. I fell in love all over again when she wrote The Red Bench. This memoir spoke to me on a personal level as I, too, have battled the diagnosis of manic depression and have spiraled in and out of the madness of this disease. I eagerly await the release of her new book, The Shape of Us, a collection of writings doing what Cioffa does best—celebrating women, whose collective voices she hears, acknowledges, and answers. Over decades of life as an international model, celebrity makeup artist, author and poet, she has gathered every valuable happiness, sorrow, self-reflection, and lessons learned into a mellifluous melody of lessons shared. Cioffa is a powerful voice of the decade and The Shape of Us illustrates her significant impact on women everywhere longing to be understood and heard. Brava to Cioffa for another gift to her followers.” – Dori Owen, Feminine Collective columnist, contributing poet and author to Love Notes From HumanityYou Are Not Your Rape anthology, and Raw & Unfiltered. Essayist published in The Mighty, The Lithium Chronicles, Stigma Fighters, OTV Magazine, and the literary mag Sudden Denouement.

“Jackie’s writing is a gift she generously shares, and The Shape of Us is arguably her finest work. A compilation of poetry and prose that speaks to the woman in us all at our best and worst moments, it shines a bright light on the author’s ability to write with compassion from the perspective of lovers and warriors, mothers and children, the oppressed and the triumphant. Thank you, Jackie.”– Mary Rowen, Leaving the BeachLiving by Ear, Author

“This book is all that I wish I had been comforted by at the age of seven, seventeen, twenty-seven….and beyond.  It feels like reading a letter written to me by a beautiful, worldy-wise older sister who knows my sorrow, my triumphs, my challenges, my darkest days; a sister who knows the deep-felt intensity life serves me.  In the letter, she bestows upon me all the reassurance, inspiration and motivation I need to grow, flourish and graciously spread my wings one day, like every warrior-woman deserves to.  Cioffa’s words, ever-spoken with love and gentleness, remind every one of us continually “You are not your pain/ It is not the total of all the beautiful that is you.” –Judith Staff, Teacher, Feminine Collective and BadRedHead Media contributing writer, and Co-Host of #SexAbuseChat on Twitter

“The magic of Cioffa’s work shines its light on the power of the written word.” – Julie Davidow, American Contemporary Artist, co-author of Miami Contemporary Artists

“I was always impressed by how courageous a writer Jacqueline is. Keep writing your fine prose.” – Mark Blickley, Sacred Misfits, Dream Streams, a text-based art book, and Weathered Reports: Trump Surrogate Quotes from the Underground, Author and Playwright

Auburn author, former model, releases fourth book  

“Jacqueline Cioffa has released her fourth book, “The Shape of Us.” A collection of essays and poems, the book celebrates the complexities and authentic beauty of everyday women, Cioffa said in a news release. Subjects include complex mother-daughter relationships, sexual and physical abuse, body shaming, insecurities, self-worth and complicated friendships. The book also celebrates the empowerment and admiration of “the delightful and dirty business of being female.”

“Self-discovery, self-love and pearls of wisdom only discovered after a life in the trenches of modeling, fame, aging and a nervous breakdown,” she said.” – The Citizen



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