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If I Was Your Child

If I was your child would you grant me an open-hearted curiosity and gypsy spirit
Might you discover the planet with me, all her beauty, heartache and mystery
Would you cover me in a coat of armor?
So my blood didn’t weep

If I was your brave child that got broken and bruised
Would you patch up my busted knees and aching heart
Would you shower me with love even when undeserving?
If I was your child, but not yours to hold onto
Not for too long, too tight, or even a million kisses
Would you prepare me for the cold, greed filled world where other children were not born into luck?
Or love or grace or unselfishness

If I was not your child, but someone else’s mistake would you even bother to open your eyes and look up
Lost children forgotten by mother earth and father time
Unlucky, undesired, unwelcome

If I was not your child might you send some hope my way
Hope does not have to dwell inside your house exclusively
Hope should be shared and scattered like Hershey kisses
It must live in the heart and smiles and willingness to cross the street
Because you were somebody’s child once
Who deserved to be sheltered and showered with meteor worthy hugs?

If I was a child would you grant me the fairytale, the moon and her stars
I’d settle for the black hole we all live in, illuminated by dazzling cracks of sun
I’m still young enough to believe
I’m just a child
Never asking too much, but perhaps one teeny tiny star to guide me

If I was no longer a child living with a lifetime of regret
Could I rewind and go back to unlearn every single fucking thing
I despise about me

I was somebody’s child once
A clean slate, big dreams, pure canvas
Filled with desire and dreams same as you
God bless the innocent who still believes in luck
May youth and moxy and childlike wonder carry you through



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