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Barely A Girl

*trigger warning*

To steal all that was pure and innocent
Before she had the chance to experience
All the changing shapes of her body
The first kiss, crush, giddiness, and her exploding sexuality
Making her feel dirty and ashamed
Carrying secrets that did not belong to her
Not yet a woman, barely a girl, and merely a child
Undressed and exposed
A child who would grow up and cower by the touch of physical intimacy
A tender hug sending her spiraling and years spent in therapy
To release the shame and blame
It would take a long time, patience, and slow healing
Before terror and self-doubt turned into a firm no
And solid boundaries
The blossoming girl
Unable and unwilling to celebrate her sexuality
Her innocence lost under baggy clothing
It would take many years and tears
Before the triggers turned into recovery
Her body strong
Reclaiming her feminine beauty long after the abuse, trauma and insecurity
To the sick men unworthy of her forgiveness
She must forgive them anyway
She understands
In spite of her trembling skin and naked insecurity
To let go of the secret, take her time becoming kind with herself
Healing all the broken parts
The disgusting, immoral monsters are not good men, but evil and small
They are the only ones to shoulder the blame
Stop allowing vile, perverted, powerful men to hide
Behind lies and excuses
They are morally and wholly responsible
You’re safe now
Call them out
Young girl on the cusp of becoming
I’m proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you
Feminine divine
No child must ever feel unprotected or dirty or not believed
I believe you
We believe you
It’s okay
You’re safe now
To forgive, but never forget to carry on
The heavy burden, shrouded in secrecy is not yours to bear
You were not a woman, just barely a girl and merely a child
Soft and tender, on the cusp of womanhood and sexual discovery
You, sweet child of mine
Did absolutely nothing wrong
Forgive me while a cry awhile
For innocence lost
Until I am goddamn good and ready
To rise up
One woman scorned, abused, and violated hurts us all
Together we fight
Against all that is ugly and inexcusably wrong
No longer a girl, or merely a child
But grown women now
Willing and able to stand our ground
For all the girls, and boys who live scared, shamed into silence
Ending this vicious cycle of abuse right here, right now
What do you see when you see a child who’s barely a girl?
Now picture she’s your daughter, wholesome and pure
Protected by an army of good men
Sadly, this fucked up society is not there for her
Until then, we got you
No longer a child or barely a girl but soldiers
A band of fierce females and wolfpack women
Whose voices no longer shake but carry yours too



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