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Gone Fishing, Jacqueline Cioffa

Spending so much time alone the last decade, both physically and mentally has prepared me for these horrible days of uncertainty. That’s not to say I am not filled with anxiety, as it vibrates the earth under my feet. There is collective fear, and it is okay to be scared, cry, dance, whatever you need to release.

I am fortunate to live surrounded by wide open spaces, to still be able to walk, as oxygen replenishes my lungs, and the birds return, happy for the peace and quiet. All the senses are heightened, colors become more vivid, and the silence is a welcome respite from the frenetic energy and our collective busyness. There is nothing more important than family, friends, human connection, fur babies, and the gift of life. Now is the time not to give in to the fear. It is your worst enemy. Being in a constant state of fight or flight has made me a kinder, more resilient person. I can hear my grandmother’s whispers on the waters she loved, fishing alone in a small boat, the respite from the noise and chaos of raising a family. It fills me with hope and gratitude for whatever the future holds. I am her daughter’s keeper, and I will do my best to keep her safe, healthy, and comfortable. It won’t be easy, but the ripple effect of love is all we leave behind. So fight, and then rest. Faith reminds us time is borrowed. The willow has weathered many seasons, many more than you and me. I hope you find some peace, laughter, and love under the dark shadows of uncertainty. There is light in the blues and the greens, new buds are blossoming.

We are here now, as best as it can be, so sing. The willow dances, her branches swaying effortlessly.



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